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Reunion in May: Spread the message, connect people


After 3 years of operation, “Reunion in May” is the first time TLG Holdings officially organizes a program to meet partners and loyal customers. This event towards the anniversary of the establishment of TLG Holdings.

Speaking at event, Chairman of TLG Holdings Vu Van Toi expressed his emotion at the feelings of guests. At the same time, he also thanked all partners and customers who have accompanied TLG Holdings during the past time as well as hoping that there will be many good cooperation opportunities in the future.

After 2 long years of Covid-19, ” Reunion in May ” is an important activity in strongly promoting diplomatic relations of TLG Holdings. At the event, the Group’s Board of Directors announced the business performance of the business in the first 3 years of operation as well as shared the plan to participate in market development and expand the land fund of TLG Holdings during the period. next. The highlight of TLG Holdings’ strategy is to become the investor of projects in many provinces/cities of Vietnam.

“TLG Holdings aims to develop a variety of products to meet the needs and tastes of investors and customers, focusing on 3 main types: urban real estate, real estate high-rise and resort real estate. In the short term, we plan to sell about 800-1000 land plots to the market. In June 2022, we also launched the Health Park Hai Tien Resort project with a completely new line of detox villas. As the perfect combination of 5-star resort and intensive treatment programs, Health Park Hai Tien Resort contributes to creating a healthy vacation for visitors. Ms. Cao Thi Thuy Linh, General Director of TLG Holdings said.

Ms. Cao Thi Thuy Linh shared the development orientation of TLG Holdings in the coming years

Health Park Hai Tien Resort is co-developed by TLG Holdings and Health Park Holding – a pioneer in the field of resort and health care in Vietnam. In the first sale, Health Park Hai Tien Resort is expected to “offer” to investors 54 duplex villas. Inspired by the minimalism and sophistication of Japanese architecture, the Villa Health Park Hai Tien Resort is likened to the flowery touches in the midst of the beautiful Hai Tien beach resort.

Not only information on business activities, “Reunion in May” is also an opportunity for TLG Holdings to announce the charity fund “TLG’s Heart”. The purpose of “TLG’s Heart” is to focus on helping the upland generation of children with extremely difficult circumstances; help children have more opportunities to go to school as well as bring light of hope for a brighter future. With 2 years of active operation with the development of TLG Holdings, “TLG’s Heart” demonstrates the corporate social responsibility to the community with meaningful activities.

Even in the program, TLG Holdings also successfully auctioned a souvenir painting with more than 100 signatures of all guests. With the mission of sharing love and spreading humanistic values ​​to all parts of the country, the project “TLG’s Heart” also attracts the participation and contributions of many sponsors. With this contribution, in the coming time, TLG Holdings will continue to implement more specific CSR plans.

With the attendance of more than 100 individuals/organizations who are partners and loyal customers at “Meeting in May”, TLG Holdings is gradually affirming the brand’s prestige in the market. With firm steps, a clear strategy of conquering the market as well as the companionship of supporting partners – customers, in the coming time TLG Holdings will continue to make more efforts to achieve more success and become one of the most successful companies in the world. become one of the leading brands in the real estate market in Vietnam.

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